Season 4 Predictions

So I don’t know if any of you remember this strapping young lad, but in case you missed him, this is Benny Siegel, who I’m sure will be stealing the spotlight in season 4 when he grows into Bugsy Siegel, “one of the first front-page-celebrity gangsters,” known for his quick temper and “being crazier than a bed bug!”

If you can’t place him, he appeared in Bone for Tuna 3x03, Bell Boy Blue 3x04, and You’d Be Surprised 3x05. You might specifically remember him as the kid that Meyer Lansky and Lucky Luciano had line his hat and coat with heroin and ended up shooting some of Joe Masseria's men delivering it. Also notably, you might recall him being hired by Arnold Rothstein to kill Gyp Rosetti, who was mid-coitus and leashed to the bed when Benny attacked and killed all his thugs (plus the paperboy).

I’m not going to spoil any of you with his real history other than he was a good friend of Meyer and Lucky and eventually owned the town with the two, even founding Murder, Inc., a professional service that allowed you to hire out hitmen. Based on some of my readings, the guy may just be even batshit crazier than Gyp Rosetti! One incident involves him raping a woman and threatening to pour acid on her face. Yeah, he’s a real keeper, ladies.

And for those of you who do like to take a look at the historical side of the show, try to stay away from pictures of his death. They are… rather gruesome.

Benny Siegel is played by actor Michael Zegen, who is just too adorable for the rapist/murderer gangster we’re going to see, and I think things will get interesting from here.

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